Oltalom Sport Association

Oltalom Sport Association (OSA) (P4) provides opportunity for disadvantaged youth and homeless people, refugees and minorities to participate in sports and social activities. Its programs, including regular football sessions, are designed to improve the health of participants, promote understanding and reduce crime in some of Budapest’s most dangerous districts. OSA has regular trainings for these groups and uses the power of football to motivate them.

OSA informs participants about services offered by its partners, such as health care, accommodation, financial aid, legal support and access to employment. Through sport, OSA brings people together and helps create valuable contacts and friendships. As a civil organization OSA are working with FIFA and Football for Hope provides a positive image among civil societies. Teams of the Oltalom Sport Association regularly participate in several international tournaments. For the past years, OSA has organized the Hungarian delegation for the Homeless World Cups. Since 2005, OSA has had good experience in the field of Fair Play Football of homeless people. Fair Play Cups and Championships in Hungary, Street Football Cup in Wroclaw, Border Cup in Serbia, Peace Day were our emblematic actions where all of participants benefit from the Football for Hope’s philosophy, namely to maximize the potential of football by making a concrete contribution to sustainable development.

In 2012 we have started an all year around Fair Play Football Road Show and Tournament with 9+1 connected cups at different locations. The games are played with special Fair Play rules where no refereest are involved, but mediators trained by OSA. We allways invite representatives of wide range of our society from the area such as minority self-government, local government, police, fire police, schools, etc.

These events create an opportunity for conflicting participants to get closer to each other and the community would see an example how to communicate and work together. Volunteers promote the event and collect information to conduct an ex-post evaluation.

Currently OSA is participating in a Grundtvig life-long-learning mobility project: “European Streetsoccer Coach - qualification/training for participants and social workers. Development of a common european curriculum for football with socially marginalised participants”.

OSA has a small number permanent stuff a large network of volunteers. Each participating person including volunteers have solid academic background and one to up to ten years of  relevant experience in the field of pedagogy, social care, psychology, and business management.