Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen

Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen (SHU) (P2) is one of the five “classical” universities in Bulgaria. The university has altogether five faculties (Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Mathematics & Informatics) plus a College in the city of Dobrich and a Department for Information Qualification and Life Long Learning in the city of Varna. It has more than a hundred bachelor, master and doctor programmes in a large number of fields of study. The number of students currently varies between seven and eight thousand. The university is ancestor of the Higher Pedagogical Institute of Shumen established in 1971. It was granted the statute of university by a Governmental Decree in 1996.

The key persons involved in the project have a great experience in organization, coordination of projects and events, related to the sports. The department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sports serves to all Majors at Shumen University and teaches students the subject Sports and offers 15 different types of sports. Shumen University offers the Major Pedagogy of teaching physical education which trains students to become teachers in physical education and sports. In this Major there have studied  many European, Olympic, and world wide famous champions.

Shumen University also offers specialties related to the Pedagogy, Special Educational Needs of children and trains highly qualified specialists to work with children with disabilities.

Shumen University is located in the East-north region in Bulgaria with many people from Turkish, Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian and Roma origin, or disadvantaged groups and background. The mission of Shumen University fosters social inclusion of students and works actively against prevention of contemporary forms of racism, intolerance and violence in sports providing highly qualified specialists with the best state of the art teaching and training methods.