The 2nd project meeting has taken place on 17th -18th September 2015 in Varna, at Grand Hotel Dimyat. The meeting was organized by Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen (SHU)

The 2nd project meeting has been attended by 19 participants representing all partners.

2 Representatives of Sports Directorate in Varna and 1 from the Regional Inspectorate on Education took part in the meeting and presented their good practices and participated in a discussion. The representatives of Sports Directorate, Varna presented several of their activities and the new initiative of the Varna Municipality - “Initial Training in Sports”. Additional information is available in the Presentation of the Sports Directorate, Varna Municipality. An interview for the event in Bulgarian is available here.

On 18th September 2015, as a part of the planned study visits, the project participants visited swimming sports center “Primorski” where the program “Initial Training in Sports” is implemented and many different clubs train the children in different water sports.

Date of beginning and conclusion of the project: January 01, 2015 to December 31, 2016.

The main outcomes of the meeting are exposed here below.

DAY 1 – 17th SEPTEMBER 2015

The meeting started with the Welcome speeches of the Prof Georgi Kolev, Vice-rector of Economic Affairs and Career Development of Academic Staff of Shumen University and Mrs. Vikentia Bouchagier from RCVTLLL Regional Unit of Achaia.

The main part of the 1st day of 2nd Meeting was focused on the overview of IRIS project development in order to discuss what has been completed and what is planned to be carried out by the end of the lifetime of the project.


During the meeting the steering committee members discussed the overall development of the project.

Study Visit - After the end of the Steering Committee Meeting the project participants visited the swimming sports center “Primorski” where a program for “Initial Training in Sports” is realized. The program is organized by the Municipality of Varna through its municipal enterprise “Sport-Varna” and Sports Directorate in partnership with the sports clubs. The Municipality of Varna is the only one in Bulgaria that provides its facilities (courts, swimming pools, etc) for free to many different sports clubs. There is only one condition for the sports club – the sports club should provide free training for the children as a part of the “Initial training in sports” initiative. The program includes all interested children at age for initial training in variety of sports: swimming, athletics, sports gymnastics, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, table tennis, running, chess, badminton, martial arts, box, wrestling, ice skating, etc.

During the visit, the project participants observed training groups practicing swimming and water ball. The swimming sports center has facilities for swimming for children with special educational needs (SEN). The swimming pools of the sports center are used for competitions in swimming, synchronized swimming, water ball, water jumping and other water sports.

The 2nd Project Meeting concluded with partners’ agreement that it was a fruitful 2nd meeting. All partners were looking forward to the 3rd meeting in Jyvaskyla, Finland in 2016.


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