A multilingual training platform that allows end users to access learning resources (both Thematic Modules and Educational Tools) on how to prevent and tackle racism, discrimination and violence. Non-partner research units, academic institutions and learning content providers may feed new training material to the platform. The e-training platform content covers the fields of: pedagogy, psychology, social affairs, sports and ethics, addressing the current issue of violence, racist and intolerance incidents and how they can be tackled or prevented at young ages. The modules will aim principally at facilitating the PE teachers and coaches, as well as any interested individual and professional in the field of sport and education, to acquire new skills, knowledge and qualifications on the subject matter of discrimination, violence and racism in grassroots sports. Among the various features of the asynchronous learning environment are services such as video-recorded lectures, assignment submission facilities, discussion forums, usersʼ evaluation, online news/announcements, quizzes and exercises, social networks sharing and Wikis.

The training platform is available in Greek, Hungarian, English, Spanish, Finnish and Bulgarian and is accessible from here.


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